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It is possible to avoid climate change and to build a better future for ourselves by reducing carbon emissions and expanding recycling.

Marcel Alberts founder of Healix has been active in the fiber and technical textile industry for almost two decades and is well aware of the necessary changes. The idea derived from Marcel‘s intention of improving the fiber sector’s sustainability. As Managing Director of a leading industrial and high-performance fibers supplier called FibrXL, Marcel organized a hackathon named Project Helix. This was a 24 hours event where industry partners met to tackle challenges related sustainability and circularity in the technical textile and fiber industry. The event was summarized I the quote 'Stop talking, start doing'. This sparked the idea to transform Project Helix into the clean-tech start-up called Healix.


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Preparing for a Changing World

The world is changing every second, and the consequences are sometimes horrifying. We ask you to take action with us!

Climate changes are destabilizing food production, displacing people in vulnerable countries.

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Help us safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places we treasure.

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