Healix helps breaking the plastic wave by closing the loop on plastic fiber waste. Used nets, ropes and other synthetic fiber based plastic waste are collected and recycled into high quality circular polymers for the global manufacturing supply chain. We focus on closed loop recycling (fiber-to-fiber) but are also developing open loop recycling applications. By keeping plastic in the economy, we keep it out of the environment.

In the long run, Healix has the ambition to establish recycling plants at the estuaries of the worlds most polluted rivers to prevent plastic from entering the oceans and creating value in plastic waste.

Our recycling process

1. Collect
2. Chop
3. Clean
4. Convert
Transforming linear economies into circular economies

The world's population is growing and therefor the demand for plastic rises. Extracting and using raw materials like crude oil has a major impact on the environment. It also increases energy consumption and CO2 emissions. However, a smarter use of raw materials can lower CO2 emissions.

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended.

In practice, it implies reducing waste to a minimum. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible. These can be productively used again and again, thereby creating further value.

This is a departure from the traditional, linear economic model, which is based on a take-make-consume-throw away pattern. This model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy
Moving towards a more circular economy delivers benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth (an additional 0.5% of gross domestic product), creating jobs (700,000 jobs in the EU alone by 2030).

Healix is determined to transform the linear fiber economy into a circular economy!

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