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Ghost(net)buster in the Netherlands

If the Vice-President of the European Commission and Chief Officer for the Green DealFrans Timmermans, is part of an opening ceremony, you know in advance that something important is being created here. That’s once again true this time. With commissioning of the Healix recycling center in Maastricht, the Netherlands, founder Marcel Alberts has declared war on so-called Ghost Nets. These are left-over, floating fishing nets and ropes that pollute the world’s oceans – which are unfortunately all too familiar from the unforgettable photos of sea turtles or other sea creatures caught up in them. Using state-of-the-art technology for plastics recycling, the aim is to turn this linear waste into a product on site and create a circular economy. At the forefront of the process chain is a WEIMA W5.22 single-shaft shredder with hydraulic drive.

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